Formation TOP Managers Laboratoire Bioderma

Training of young managers with high potential of Laboratoire Bioderma Romania SRL

Organized near Bucharest by General Manager Roxane GROS of the Romanian company, these 2 days of training are livened up by Dominique LUCAS and Jean François PICARD

On the theme « Performance Potential » 27 participants got ready mentally with the Potentiel Optimization Techniques

Objectives : develop new skills – Adopt a method and operational educational tools – Acquire the necessary autonomy to manage the resources of a team – Manage its stress – Improve its know-how and its knowledge be by the Mental

View the vidéo Training TOP Managers of Laboratoire Bioderma Romania SRL from IMPALA FORMATION on Vimeo.

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2 réponses à Formation TOP Managers Laboratoire Bioderma

  1. Roxana GROS dit :

    « Thanks a lot for those 2 days
    I really think my team understand now the important step we are now in and the importance of each of them to reach our objectives in 2015 (be number one)
    I really think it’s very clear for them that it won’t be easy at all, but they got the energy and the will to move mountains in the near future
    Thanks a lot for the professional presentation, for your presentation style that both me and my team completely love …. I am pretty sure we will meet again soon »

    Roxana GROS General manager Laboratoire Bioderma Romania

  2. Managers Laboratoire Bioderma Romania dit :

    Dear Dominique,

    I want to tell from the beginning that I’m really really grateful because I met you and because you share with us those techniques.
    I’ll be honest with you and I have to confess that I’m still searching books JJJ ( I try to be more patient and calm).
    If you have suggestions for me please tell me.
    Have a great evening!
    With many thanks,
    Georgiana COZMA

    Dear Dominique and JF,

    Sorry for the late feedback!
    That is because we are very busy to put in practice everything you have learned us during the 2 days training !
    It was a pleasure to join your training and for sure there were many information helpful that we have discovered thanks to you (especially the Dominique’s breathing method and the JF’s winning attitude).
    Your training was inspiring and we are looking forward for the next one.
    Best regards,
    Razvan DUMITRACHE, Area Manager Sud

    Dear Jean Francois and Dominique,

    First of all I would like to thank you for all that you teached us during the training held in Pensiunea Enache in January.
    I must say that I have allready put in practice all that you told us, and I was a little bit suprised that….it WORKS….
    I was all the time repeating in my mind all the steps of a succesfull meeting, seing the succes and my activity started to be on the right track.
    Thank you,

    Dear trainers,

    It was a real pleasure having you for two days teaching us how we can be part of “Patrouille de France” !
    We are looking forward to engaging in other new active training sessions J !!!
    Best of greetings!
    Bianca BUTNARI, Reprezentant Medical


    I want to thank you for all the information you have given to us during our training, because I can use them in my field work every day.
    The way you have combined the theoretical with the practical part was indeed excellent, because once again it became clear to me and at the same time
    I really felt the importance of working as a team in order to achieve our main goal, and that is to become number 1 in 2015.
    I also have started using the mental visualization of the desired result as a method which Dominique has presented to us, especially for more difficult situations and this is very useful to me, because it reinforces the self-confidence I need.
    Thank you!
    Daniela GUGLU


    I want to thank you very much for this training session.
    It is very useful for me and for sure this nice experience will help me to respect and to assure the objectives in 2015, to be no.
    1 together with my team.
    Best regards,
    Dorina JUGANARU, Pharma & Medical Representative


    My name is Anca BRANICI, I’m from Bioderma team, Bucharest.
    I participated last month at the training with you.
    I wanted to tell you, that I like it very much, it was very inspiring, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet you.
    I hope you will come again soon.
    Thank you both very much, it was very nice meeting you.
    Anca BRANICI


    I will take this opportunity to really thank you for the training session.
    It is useful to know when to fully speed and when to take a small break, take a deep breath, reorganize, focus on the main objective and then to restart the procedure in full speed.
    It was a great opportunity to understand that every objective can be reachable as long as you know how to use all the useful resources for a set goal.
    So thank you again,
    Have a great year!
    Best regards,
    Ioana GALITA

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